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The fact of having kept the bi-annual or tri-annual celebration of the National Congress of ANEC, initiated inand at the same time carrying out every year or every two years a National Symposium of Research the first of which took place infrom which later emerged the Pan-American Symposium I of Research in Nursing, the first of which was held in Colombia inis a sign that there is already a significant level of intellectual work between Colombian nurses.

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Que cuenta con educacin prescolar, primaria y secundaria. For research to achieve its social function, its results or failures should be published, so that they perro be known and used by students, professionals and the public in general. El inicio de la vida sexual de 8 de estas mujeres fue entre los 13 y 18 abriles, la cual puede considerarse temprana en relación con los datos recientes. De ahí la importancia de generar un servicio y programa amigable que atienda dichas solicitudes.


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